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If you live in an urban region but want to be close to nature, why don’t you bring nature to your home? A qualified ponds contractor will be able to advise you on the latest trends in installing water feathers in your yard. EVKPS Pond Services is a company that has been specializing in the design and installation of ponds of various styles and sizes for many years. We operate in Midlothian, VA and present additional facts about our work below.

The Services We Provide

Pond Building & Design

Pond Building & Design
If you have decided to make your home or business a more extraordinary place, you need someone who understands the basics of pond installation. Big or small, this is your project and investment that we will justify. Did you know that there are hundreds of styles and designs of ponds? Our technicians will help you make the best choice based on your preferences and budget. Whether you want a traditional or more sophisticated water feature, we are ready for it.

Pond Cleaning & Filtration

Pond Cleaning & Filtration
Since it will be exposed to the elements and debris all the time, your pond will need careful and regular cleaning. Whether it has some fish or not, our team can come and install a filter to clean the water in it. We do routine pond filtration that is a necessity if you have plenty of plants that along with naturally occurring helpful bacteria in the pond, will then use and digest any toxins left by fish and rotting organic waste. For a good natural balance and a clear pond, call us now. 

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance
Just like any other feature or fixture, your beautiful lagoon will need periodic maintenance. Turn to our technicians and we will come up with a plan to come on a regular basis, test the water, and perform any adjustments and repairs when needed. We will take care of your fish, water plants, and remove the rotting organic matter whenever necessary. This is how you can be sure you will have a splendid and clean pond at all times.

Pond Improvement

Pond Improvement
You can contact our company whenever you need to do any improvements to your front yard or backyard pond. Our specialists do pond remodeling that may include adding or removing specific plants, fish, or stones as a construction material. Would you like to add new elements to your existing basin? Our team can assist by upgrading the pond through the addition of new features that make it more aesthetic or functional.

What You Gain

Although garden pond installation takes a lot of effort and time to be designed and installed professionally, the long-term benefits far outweigh the amount of labor done. Our professional contractor will design the right model for you that can reduce the extra maintenance as well. Whether you are looking to purchase a property that has a pond on it already or considering installing a new water feature in your backyard, our experts will help realize all your dreams.

How We Get It Done

We take it as our great responsibility to ensure a professional and smooth backyard pond installation process. Due to the presence of water in your yard, these unique basins are prone to damage, contamination, and other issues. So, our first task will be to explain to you all the advantages of having such an improvement in your yard and what upkeep it will need in the long run. Stress not as our pros are familiar with the local codes and know-how to remodel and mountain ponds of any kind and style.

Do you need to talk to a trustworthy contractor offering pond services in Midlothian, VA? That calls for intervention from EVKPS Pond Services. Call our specialists now.

Client’s Testimonial

by Fabian P. on EVKPS Pond Services

Our entire family is so grateful for your amazing pond installation. You proved to me absolute professionals who worked with passion and competence. Thank you for meeting all of our needs. We are so happy with our rejuvenated home. Thanks!

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